I have been home now for a day and a half from the CBA-International Christian retailers trade show which was in Cincinnati Ohio.

     I must confess that when my marketing guy told me we needed to do this trade show I thought he was crazy. But after being with these folks for a few days I came away with a completely different vision then neither he nor I expected. I found numerous opportunities to do ministry here! And by God’s grace, I did.

     I was there to peddle my books, but I found myself encouraging those that I came into contact with. I prayed with them. I challenged them, and a few times, I preached to them. One of the more memorable times came during the new products venue, where we invested a lot of money to show off The Pray-ers (www.ThePray-ers.com). But for the previous 36 hours, what I wanted to say about my book seemed the wrong message. Just before I was to speak she texted and askedhow things were going, here was my reply:

PRAY FOR ME!!! I speak in 5 minutes. It’s NOT an accident that you texted me. I’m really confused about what to say!!!

     If you know me, WHEN have I wondered what to say? Well, I spent 2 minutes talking about my book and then the rest of the time exhorting them to trust the Lord. The next day so many of them that were on the room came up and thanked me for speaking the way I did.

     Will I return to the CBA? Yep!

     Many of you know that my prayer partner and I do a number of conference call praying sessions every week. Starting Wednesday, July 6th we will add a CBA prayer conference call.

It is a 15 minute call that anyone can participate in.

The call in number is (605) 562-3000 and the Access code: 347361#.

The call in time will be 10:30 am, Eastern time zone.

Join us,

Mark S Mirza