Let me just tell you, that as the Georgia State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, this year, I am going to meet some GREAT people.

This week we look at what to do if you think it is time to change up your annual NDP event. Enjoy, and be challenged.

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let’s celebrate a 2021 NDP event

Rethinking NDP Locations

I love the traditions many of you have started, or continued, or both. And I am confident they will continue.
But, what about when you think God may be giving you an “itch” to do something different?
Are you “open-handed” about it, or scared to death?
I recognize that many of you like the “lines” because it is easy to plan, staying within the lines. But let me encourage you to talk to the Lord about “coloring outside the lines.”

Coordinators, hear the following as an encouragement. . .

It is from Parker McFarland. He is both, on my State Team, and the County Coordinator in Forsyth County. He and I pray together every week and so have been walking through this process, TOGETHER, which is a critical point for you, as coordinators to do . . . pray with others on your team!
Pray with people you know will challenge you.

I asked him for his approach to coordinating NEXT YEAR’S Forsyth County National Day of Prayer.

Here are his words. . .

My approach will be the same as it has been for the last two years.
It starts with a recognition that this is not my event.
It is God’s event. So I begin by asking God what He wants to do with His event.
I have come to realize that I can do nothing apart from Him.
So really the first step in planning the National Day of Prayer is to PRAY.


The next step is to LISTEN. I write down what I hear.
In John Chapter 10 it says three times that His sheep hear His voice.
God is faithful to give me the theme, the people to contact, and creative ideas for His event.
In short, I just OBEY what the Shepherd says to do.
I am mindful of the fact that God is using me to build a prayer movement.
As I follow His leading, I think strategically about how I can involve various denominations and unite the body of Christ with all of its diversity and age ranges.
I am looking for the watchmen, for those who have a heart for prayer, spiritual awaking, and revival.


I keep everything open-handed. It is not unusual for God to change things up at the last minute.
I think it is absolutely essential for the entire event to be SPIRIT-LED.
After the Forsyth NDOP event this year, I asked the Lord “What are Your dreams for next year for National Day of Prayer?”
I feel strongly that the Lord is directing me to move the location from the Courthouse to the new Cumming City Center where there will be no space limitations.
I also feel that the Lord is directing me to put on a much more comprehensive event that may include other counties.


I am dreaming big with my big God.

Would you begin now, forgive me, NOW, to dream big, with your big God?

Thank you Parker for all your efforts and your encoragement to “Dream big.”


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