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Day One

Her sobbing was uncontrollable and watching her caused my throat to constrict. My chest wanted to heave and a tear, which I could not hold back, slipped from my eye. I was angry, really angry.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I mean, I knew in my mind this would occur, but watching Mary bury her head into John’s shoulder, and hearing her sobs for her Son, they were heart-wrenching and impacted my emotions, something for which I was not prepared.

Somehow it comforted me to see John hold Mary close to his heart. As I watched her release her emotions, I wished I could too, but I was one angel amongst the twelve legions of angels[1] on assignment. We were literally on the most important call of our four-thousand-year-old lives.

Every sinew of my nine-foot-tall body burned. I had been on full alert for the previous twenty-four hours, muscles taut, leaning forward, unblinkingly watching the chaos around my God, and your Saviour. I awaited a call from our mutual Creator’s lips.

But anger wasn’t the only emotion I dealt with. I experienced a frustration I had never felt before or since.

We numbered more than eighty-thousand angels and represented every department in the Realm. My department is the Company of Guardian Angels, but I confess, right now I felt like we were worthless angels, not guardians at all.

While every single one of us were poised and ready to move, we just stood there. We watched the self-righteous Pharisees judge Jesus in their kangaroo court proceedings. We then stood and hovered watching the political leaders who were more interested in building relationships than making hard decisions.

Watching this, I had one overarching thought, “Give me the word, Jesus, Son of God, so I can race to my position, take my stance and bring You victory.”

The call I wanted to hear never came. Instead, Nesah, my immediate supervisor, an Undersecretary to Michael the Archangel, gave the order, “Hael, stand down.”

And just then I heard those words, “Into Your hands I commit My Spirit.”[2]

I wouldn’t be allowed to do a single thing. I could only watch. And I did, I watched as the lifeless body of my Creator hung there, limply, on a cross.

Outside of the Earthly Realm there is the Heavenly Realm which includes the Angelic Kingdom and the Demonic Kingdom. Technically the demons are angels too, but calling these angels “demons” has worked best for us since the rebellion.

As a result of the two kingdoms being in the same Realm we can hear everything going on in both Kingdoms, which naturally gives us insight into the Earthly Realm. This agency, called the Winged Rotating Oversight Committee (WeROC), is located in the REDACTED department in Heaven and comes in handy for it allows us to go back and fetch information we may not have observed first hand.

But at Golgotha today, I didn’t need WeROC. I heard the demons. We all heard them. And they knew it.

They acted like they were on bleachers in a stadium watching a sporting event. They cursed and laughed, yelled and screamed, hooted and hollered. Their celebration seemed to know no bounds. It was nearly more than I could handle. But when they cheered in a unison chant, it unnerved me.

I had put up with it all day and the previous night.

It began when Jesus, in the garden sweating drops of blood, returned to Peter, James and John who were asleep.[3]

“Simon, are you sleeping?” asked Jesus.

When the agony in His voice became palpable to all of us, the demons cheered.

When Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss[4] and Jesus was then arrested,[5] the demons cheered.

During the physical abuse in the company of Annas, then Caiaphas, the demons cheered.

At Peter’s denials[6] the demons mocked the big fisherman, but when they noticed Jesus turn and look directly at Peter,[7] the demons cheered.

In Pilate’s courtyard, Jesus and Barabbas were offered to the crowd. When they rejected Jesus,[8] the demons cheered.

Pilate’s Roman soldiers mocked Jesus in the Praetorium, shoving a crown of thorns into his scalp. They stripped Him and led him out to be crucified,[9] and again, the demons cheered.

At the sight of the weakened Christ stumbling, falling and dropping his cross, the demons cheered.

When the soldiers put the mocking title on the cross, above Jesus’ head,[10] the demons cheered.

Not only did their boisterous arrogance and cheering infuriate me, but the incredible number of demons shocked me. I was surprised how many of them were arrayed around Golgotha. I had forgotten how many there are.

Not since the rebellion lucifeR perpetrated in heaven, shortly after the creation of Adam and Eve, had I seen the entire horde all in one place. Back then, when the demons chose to follow sataN, a full one third of the original angelic host[11] were huddled together leaving heaven.

They had just lost their positions of authority and rank, and were all leaving heaven, humiliated.

Today, they were anything but humiliated!

As I review and record the events of what happened on this fateful day, I am reminded of the three hours of darkness which engulfed the entire land.[12]

I sensed a gleam of light, because they were fearful. While the demons couldn’t put their clammy talons on it, they knew something was amiss.

Since this darkness came from the Lord, the demons knew they could not control it, and I sensed fear in them.

When the curtain in the sanctuary was ripped in two,[13] I sensed fear in them.

During Jerusalem’s earthquake,[14] I sensed fear in them.

When dead bodies of the saints were raised,[15] I sensed fear in them.

And then when they realized the hardened centurions were moved by this Nazarene Carpenter’s death,[16] I sensed fear in them.

I tried to imagine what these demons were thinking. Surely, they knew they had just suffered an incalculable loss. And while they had been arrogant for the previous twenty-four hours, the reality of their condition had to have finally hit them.

But that very evening, the strong influence of deception showed itself. These demons, initially created perfect, were like their chosen father, the devil. They speak only lies, which is their true nature. And they constantly want to carry out their father’s desires, for there is no truth in them.[17]

Paradoxically, another noteworthy thing happened which I will never forget. When Jesus gave up His spirit, I saw lucifeR edge away from his demons, for the evil one knew something they did not yet comprehend.

The day sataN dreaded, had arrived.


End of Chapter One

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