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Lets Talk about Conference Call Praying:

You may see how LONGGGGGGGGG this post is and not want to read it in its entirety. So, look at the bullet points below, and go to the one/s you want (then come back later and read the rest of them). But take a moment to scan them and choose your focus:

  • I Want to Participate
  • What is a Prayer Conference Call
  • How Are They Organized
  • Are There Some Fun Insights
  • Tell Me About Family Growth
  • Who is Bro. Bill
  • Testimonials
  • Our Facebook Page

I Want to Participate


Let’s start here, with the Men’s calls or the Women’s calls.

We also have prayer conference calls specifically for Pastors, National of Prayer, etc.

Have you considered praying for your county? We can help you with that.

Call me and we can discuss (404) 606-2322

What is a Prayer Conference Call

Basically, Conference Call Praying is akin to the Old Fashioned Cottage Prayer Meetings.
– People gathering to pray, who have like minded burdens.

Many of you know my prayer partner, Don Harrington, who is now in heaven. He and I started these, so we could encourage others into prayer, who wanted to pray, but needed a little, “nudge.”

We became a pair of “Nudgers.” But I’ll be honest with you, in the early days of this ministry, there were LOTS OF CALLS, I just didn’t want to get on. The only reason I did, was because I knew Don would be on the call and I didn’t want him on the call alone.

Back then we worked up to about 30 calls per week, now the number is closer to 55.

I often told Don I wanted him to have an influence for 20 years on these calls.

And you know what? He will.

How Are They Organized

Our prayer times are “loosely” organized into:

– Praising the Lord
– Praying for Family, and
– Praying for our church/ministry

But sometimes the organization changes.
This 1 minute video shows you how it changed.
– Praising the Lord!
– I define the difference in Praising and Thanking as, “Praising is Him centered whereas Thanking is me centered.”

Can you imagine an entire 15 minutes Praising God? It was, and still is, phenomenal!

Every, repeat, EVERY Prayer Conference Call is different!

Are There Some Fun Insights

Fun and Incredible Insights!

Listening to people pray gives us the opportunity pick up phrases we’ve never heard before, some are funny, and some are profound:

– Plow one row at a time
– Some people read faster than others
– Thank You Lord for people lifting my burdens, sometimes they are so heavy I cannot lift them myself
– Prayer is like taking out the garbage. . .you know when you haven’t
– We do not seek Him for His will, because it may not be ours
– Prayer is not for God to fix your wants, remember, He already has you where He wants
– We pray to God for revival, and to plow, and to plant, and to weed. . .but isn’t that our job
– If you want to learn to pray, get around people who pray
– Why praise? Because, if you know who He is, you’ll know what He does
– God doesn’t need your advice
– We are so immersed in God’s grace, we shallowly understand His mercy

Tell Me About Family Growth

And believe me, our family is now larger.

The other thing that I find fascinating is how our family has grown. And when I say, “our” I mean not only my prayer partner and I. But the people on the calls too!

It’s the most amazing thing to me, not only are the different calls with different people, well, different, but often the calls from week-to-week with the same people are different. It is incredibly exciting!

Please take the time to read the article where I am a bit transparent and talk about how this “family meeting” or “family reunion,” as it was called, helped me get a sense of what it will be like to meet Jesus. It completely surprised me! To read my post you can click on the photo above or CLICK HERE.

Who is Brother Bill

I have no idea!

But since we were speaking of family, let me tell you what I do know about him.

First, he has been in heaven for several years.

Second, I met him through our Monday, Wednesday, Friday Men’s Conference Calls. In fact, we all got to know Bill through these calls. We all miss him and we often pray that the Lord would re-hear Bill’s prayers, his prayers for his family, for his friends, for his pastor and for his church.

But let me tell you the rest of the story.

None of us had ever met Bill!

Somehow he got onto our calls.

Do you see what that means? It means the FIRST-TIME we will see Bill face-to-face, will be alongside Christ when we cross over Jordan.


Conference Call Prayer Testimonials.

These have come from pastors, housewives, old folks, young folks, everyone:
– Divine Dynamic
– To Pray with and FOR Others is Wonderful
– Praying with other pastors helps me rest in the Lord
– Priceless
– I look forward to the call
– I was scared, but after a few calls I began to pray
– Wow
– Incredibly grateful for the impact on our ministry
– These prayer calls are a life-line to our souls

The testimonials above are but snippets.  CLICK HERE for their word-for-word comments.

Our Facebook Page

Conference Call Praying Facebook Page

We have a Facebook page dedicated to Conference Call Praying. Admittedly, we haven’t used it much, but we need to start using it again.

Join us.

Not-so-surprisingly, it is found at: “Common Thread Ministries – Conference Call Praying” CLICKING HERE should get you to the page as well as clicking on the photo above.




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