Kudos to Victorville CA Mayor Gloria Garcia.

Prayer, In or Out of the Public Arena

We have spent a generation (and more) taking God out of the city center, it is promising to see Him asked back in by a city government official.

As you pray for her you will want to also pray for those who will oppose her. But as you pray, ABOUT THEM and BECAUSE OF THEM remember HOW you are to view them. Think of this, thru the eyes of Scripture.

You will want to pray AGAINST those opposing her, but you must remember that your struggle and her struggle is not and will not be with flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12).

So, with that being said, how would you pray for them (those opposing her) and how would you pray for her?

Let me suggest 2 simple passages:

For Those Opposing Mayor Garcia:

Lord, as I think of those that even now are planning the destruction of Mayor Garcia’s decision to plan and encourage prayer in the public square, we recognize that they are deceived by the evil one into thinking that a person’s religion does not impact the rest of their lives. Father, let this event begin the process OF THEIR eyes and ears being opened. Father, begin to change the hearts of those who would come against this brave mayor. (Genesis 3:1, Ephesians 1:18)

For Mayor Garcia Herself:

Lord, Mayor Garcia has been moved by You to do a very courageous thing, encouraging public prayer because of the city’s problems. Lord, allow her to recognize the deception of those around her, “good people” who will want her to reverse her actions, for various reasons. And Father, let her see, open the eyes and the ears of her heart, that she might recognize the various ways You are using this action of hers. Lord, let her courageousness not only curb the violence in Victorville but please also encourage other Christian mayors to do the same thing. (Genesis 3:1, Ephesians 1:18)

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