You gotta love this!

The guy stops at a corner, gets a free water AND A PRAYER!

Let me ask you a question. You may feel uncomfortable stopping cars on the street, but what other ways might you do this?

  • Make a water station in front of your home where people walk their dogs after work
  • When you’re in a restaurant, ask the waitress or waiter how you can pray for them

Want to make it more personal?

There are a number of way that you can pray for someone a little closer to home.

  • Text your pastor once a week asking for a prayer request
  • Start praying a particular verse of scripture for a family member
  • Pick a young person in your church, that reminds you of you and start praying for them weekly

There a million ideas.

What are you ideas?


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PS. Kudos #WarrenDillaway and to The Star Beacon for this article.


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Church offers prayer to motorists along street


PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP — Motorists were often surprised but warmed up quickly to a cold bottle of water and the offer for prayer at Plymouth United Methodist Church Saturday.

“We’ve done 500 prayer requests,” said pastor the Rev. Samara Jenkins.

Jenkins said the church purchased 200 bottles of water to give out at the intersection of State and Plymouth roads. Three people worked the intersection early Saturday morning.

She said Saturday was the third year the church offered motorists the opportunity for prayer. Jenkins said motorists often come back to the intersection and bring a prayer request. Some people park their vehicles and get out to form a circle to pray while others stay in their vehicles.

“I’m living Jesus out loud,” said Jeri Bell, who has volunteered the last several years.

Jenkins said there is so much despair in the community that the church wanted to reach out in a different way.

“The heroin and opioids has been an epidemic but now suicides has become an epidemic,” she said.

Jenkins said the prayer opportunity was a way for the church to reach out and show love for the community.

The church is also partnering with Signature Health for a prayer vigil for the community at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 17 in the Signature Health parking lot, Jenkins said.

“We know the county needs prayer,” she said, adding, “We pray for people in their vehicles and they pray for them in church,” Jenkins said.

Illness is the leading prayer request, Jenkins said. She said the next often requested prayer option is for the United States, followed by police and law enforcement.