It is amazing, the various ways that the Lord uses Common Thread Ministries. Our focus is prayer. We spend our time teaching and encouraging men and women’s, and boys and girls prayer lives. And yet, there are times when the Lord opens doors for us to minister in different ways.

As you look at the photo above you will see the bright red and blue uniforms these kids have on. We, Common Thread Ministries had the opportunity to provide them, by God’s grace.

The woman on the left is Sister Rebecca Shahazi. It was her husband whom I met a number of years ago that first invited me to Kenya. He and his wife open their home to me every time I am in Kenya. There home has become my second home, in Kenya.

Recently they had a need for uniforms that was to filled by another church but along came the hurricane that swept across Haiti and the good folks at this other church felt compelled to give the clothes they were sewing to the Haitians. At that very time we at Common Thread Ministries had some extra money.
And, motivated, in part, by the attitude of George Mueller, who knew that God gave him money to give to others, we felt like we should give the extra money we had to this school in Nakuru for their kids’ uniforms.
CLICK HERE for a Ministry SWAY showing some of our visits to Kenya and CLICK HERE for a ministry page on this site (that are constantly updating) explaining the depth and breadth of our ministry in Kenya. I hope you enjoy the pages.

If you are interested, we are looking for 100 people to commit to $25.00 per month where the moneys will go exclusively to Kenya. You can go to our Donations page for details.


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