George Müller, the great man of faith who lived in the mid-1800’s had a singular way of meditating on scripture.
–Look below today’s #DailyMeditation for the unique way George Müller speaks to us today, as we apply his ways, to our day and USE OUR CELL PHONES.

Today’s #DailyMeditation


Father, that I would long for You today 

As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for You, God.
Psalm 42:1 HCSB

I really love George Müller. The great man of faith from the mid-1800’s. He was kind of goofy looking, though. But I like that too, especially his hair. Mine always looks like that when I forget to put a hat on.

You may remember George Müller as a consummate man of faith.

He actually trusted God! I mean, he REALLY did!

The first draw, for me, to George Müller, was a faith story I share in the short video, below. But out of that has come an unexpected, simple, enduring legacy for me, and I hope for you too.

My hope is that you will be encouraged enough to do the same with and for others.

First, here’s what George Müller did:

  1. Each morning he read Scripture till he found a passage to pray over
  2. Thus he let that passage begin his day of praying

Pretty simple, huh?

Next, here’s what I want to do. Let’s take Müller’s prayer principle and your cell phone and encourage Scripture Meditation.

“What?” You might ask.

Try this:

  1. Each morning read Scripture till you find a passage to pray over
  2. Then copy it onto your phone with a brief note, emphasis, or focus
  3. Throughout the day, refer back to this passage and your note

You may decide you like this so much you’ll encourage others to do the same. I sure hope so. But until you are doing it on your own, use mine. I’ll try to update it daily (I’ll try).


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