Washington D.C.

Sept. 22-23, 2020/ Overview of Visit

It is such an Honor to Serve my Nation by Praying with our Elected Officials

AND THEIR STAFF. I was reminded this week how grateful the staff is when you tell them they are being prayed for too.

Pray Too

One of the two story stone meeting rooms.



Meeting New  


Here’s the real story of the 2 Days in DC.

When I hand out prayer cards to the office staff, I always assure them I am lifting up them too.

Their eyes get wide, and they ask, “You pray for me too?”

This visit I also prayed with food service workers, janitors, and office staff I found in the hallways and out of doors. I also had the opportunity to meet and pray for  Congressmen I met in the stairwells.

Thank you for your support, both in prayer and financially.

PS. I did enjoy the encounters I had with Congressmen and women. I am so honored to simply be there to serve them by bearing their burdens. CLICK HERE for my posts regarding burden bearing in Washington DC.

Oh my friends, check out our Washington-Encouragement page so these men and women can encourage you, but also you can encourage them.



Pray Too



Pray Too


It All Began

After 4 years of weekly prayers for a local Congressman, I asked him if I could do the same thing for his colleagues. He invited me to a Bible Study where I met another two. I thought I was going to set up prayer groups in their districts. NOPE! God had another idea. I now return to DC, most months and pray with them, with their staff and/or people I meet in the hallways.

I would encourage you to help me encourage them. Just click the box for “Washington Encouragement” page.


Pray Too