The Pray-ers, Gerald Harris Review


CTM Publishing Atlanta and The Pray-ers have had the great privilege of Dr, Gerald Harris writing the review on the back of our first novel. It follows this brief post note.

Recently at one of our pastor’s conferences I introduced Gerald by telling people what a real “influence” he is on men and women, and I am no exception. He has greatly influenced me. And then I proceeded to tell this story.

“Earlier this week I wrote a text to my wife, but it ended with a preposition. As I tried to send the text I heard Gerald in my ear saying, ‘Don’t end your sentences with a preposition.’ I had to rewrite my text!”

Gerald has been a great friend, and I greatly covet his advice, on all things, including sentence structure . . . most of the time.

Here is his review:

While “The Pray-ers” does not follow the path of the classical, traditional books on prayer, it will challenge you to seek God’s throne of grace with frequent, focused and fervent prayers. Mark Mirza has used his fertile and creative mind to craft a novel that is both innovative and inspiring. The author vividly reminds us that we have a formidable enemy who can be defeated when we link ourselves via prayer with an omnipotent God with whom nothing is impossible. The imaginative link between the 1st century characters, 19th century characters and modern day characters in the book is inventive, but effective in producing the desired result. Navigating carefully the first few pages prepares you to enjoy the flow of a book that will fascinate you, inspire you and bless you.

J. Gerald Harris
Editor The Christian Index

Again, we are very grateful for Gerald’s input into this book. We hope that you will enjoy it too, and please, send us your comments.



Mark S Mirza