While The Ark Encounter is being advertised on Times Square, our modern day prayer hero received a confirmation from Hael, his guardian angel. They are talking about the wonderful late teacher Dr. Walter Martin and how he never let dogma get in between his loving on people for the sake of the gospel, and then on page 126, this interchange occurs, with Hael speaking:

“And as for the age of the earth, you know that he believed in an old earth, right? Well, when he got to heaven, he learned that the earth is only six-thousand-ish years old.”

Dale smiled, “Yes, I knew he would. . . .”

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The reason for this short post is to share with how I have been praying for the upcoming Ark Encounter opening. In fact I just posted on it. You might find my post interesting. But frankly you may find it a bit odd. Let me know what you think.


Mark S Mirza