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1st To Those Who’ve ALREADY Seen This E-Letter

Forgive me but this E-Letter is BOTH announcing a NEW WOMEN’s Prayer Conference call, AS WELL AS thanking those who have recently participated in a Common Thread Ministries event.


. . . for women at a LATER time than 6:45am (Eastern time).

This last week at Santuck Baptist in Wetumpka AL I felt embarrassed that we did not have a later time for women to pray.

So STARTING Monday, we now have 10:15am (Eastern time) set aside as a WEEKLY women’s prayer conference call.

Call in Nmber: (641) 715-3680
Access Code: 347361#

Please join us!

By The Way! If you have not taken advantage of our free book below, please do so.


Now, to those of you who participated in this week’s Prayer Conference, Boot Camp, or Sunday message, whichever venue brought us together.

Our desire is to send you an E-Letter about 3 times per month, and no more than that. We trust that they will strengthen and encourage your prayer life.

We design them so that you can quickly “skim” the E-Letter and choose to look at what interests you the most. If you choose to, you can always unsubscribe, at the bottom of each E-Letter.

And of course, so that you can see what you are getting yourself into, please CLICK HERE to see previous E-Letters.


Prayer is more caught than taught. So if you want to further your learning to pray, get around as many people as you can, that pray.

Depending upon the scope of our recent meeting, you may be tempted to walk away saying to yourself, “Oh, I’ve been praying wrong my whole life.”

No! Please no! You’ve been praying the way you were taught. But, now you have the opportunity, perhaps honor (and responsibility) to put into practice some of the prayer principles that you have just learned.


As a tangible thank you, I’d like to give you, as my gift, an electronic version of Power From On High. It is the history of the Moravian revival, originally written in 1928 for their 200th Anniversary.

You may know that the Moravians started a prayer meeting in 1727 that lasted 100 years. To this historical account we have added questions at the end of each chapter making it a great, 7 week, small group Bible study that will both challenge and encourage your prayer life.

To download this FREE BOOK, either click on the icon below or CLICK HERE.

Power From On High is also available on Kindle and in print. For either option, just CLICK HERE.


Of course, we have plenty of additional resources for you to view. Many are from other authors but you can also purchase Mark’s works:

  • His Novels
  • His Prayer Made Alive series
  • His Prayer Classics, which include:
    • A Children’s book from 1889
    • A Daily Devotional from the 1830’s

Just click the icon below or simply CLICK HERE.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve you this week.


Zero pressure, but the following items may interest you . . .


Uplifting, Short Videos

To see Mark’s YouTube channel simply click on the icon above, or CLICK HERE.

Many of these videos have matching posts with additional explanations and information on our website (


Zero Pressure!

But if you would like to know how you can help, let us show you what we at Common Thread Ministries are trusting God for in 2018:

  •     Resources at Pastor’s Conferences
    •     Recommended Donation: $300.00 up to $450.00
  •     Support for the Pastor’s Conferences
    •     Recommended Donation: $1,000.00
  •     Empowering of Lay People with Support Material
    •     Recommended Donation: $25.00 up to $100.00

You may also choose to give to our 501c3 on a monthly basis, either as a personal donation, or a church giving to a ministry and/or missionary. We are blessed to have a number of folks that honor us with $25.00 per month up to $100.00 per month.

To give, CLICK HERE.


Lots Going on Every Day!

Please take the time to check it out by clicking the red calendar box above. And, if you will, use it to pray for us as we continue to pray that God will open doors so that we can spread this message and spread it boldly.

Thank you for praying.

Mark S Mirza
Founder/Speaker/Writer for Common Thread Ministries
F: MarkMirza
F: CommonThreadMinistries
F: ThePray-ers

T: @CTMPrayer
T: @ThePray_ers
I: CTMPrayer

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