The Trip

I had an embarrassingly fabulous time this weekend with a bunch of other pray-ers.

My prayer partner and I do about 30 prayer conference calls a week and every single one of them is different. In fact, not only are the prayers different from call to call, often they are different from week to week. Every one of them is unique and exciting. One of our groups is from Kentucky and meets every Thursday morning at 7:15. And over time we have become a family of believers, a family of pray-ers.

Well I had already met everybody but the three of them from Georgia had never met the two in Kentucky eyeball-to-eyeball so a road-trip was planned, and this last weekend it was executed.

I knew that it would be exciting for them to see each other for the first time and so when we arrived in Lexington Kentucky at the Cane Run Station Ministries church I jumped out of the car before anyone else did so that I could take photos of these folks embracing each other for the first time.

And I wasn’t disappointed. I watched these folks hug and cry and hold on to each other. It was so sweet. I felt so full watching these folks enjoy one another’s company. Their view of one another will NEVER be the same and we can’t wait for this Thursday’s prayer call!

The Embarrassment

But then the embarrassment came my way. I didn’t share it with the rest of the group for a couple of days because I needed to talk to the Lord about it and process it.

Have you ever wondered what it will be like when we meet Jesus? We all say that we are excited about seeing Jesus right? And intellectually I would agree that I have always been “excited” about seeing Jesus. But practically I have to tell you the reason I was embarrassed watching those folks come together, hugging on each other and laughing and crying is that I never saw my meeting Jesus, when I get to heaven, with the same love that these folks embraced one another.

It was a sobering thought.

If you have heard me pray at all you have heard me praise God as a God of relationship and the reason why I pray this is because I believe that He gives us relationships here on Earth to give us a hint or a glimmer or a sliver of what relationship is actually like with Him.

The Joy

Then my embarrassment turned to Joy. I realized that the Lord was giving me a hint, a glimmer, a sliver of seeing what it will be like when I meet Him for the very first time eyeball-to-eyeball. The excitement that these folks had for one another helped me think about my meeting my Savior in ways I had never conceived

Out of embarrassment I will confess to you, that I can now see in my mind’s eye the excitement that I will have meeting Jesus for the first time. And the reason I can finally see it is because I saw the excitement that these folks had meeting one another for the first time.




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