Follow these Steps and Daily Encourage Elected Officials

Step 1. Click this Link

Capitol Commission Logo for Government Prayer Initiative

Step 2. You’ll go Here

Step 3. Click on Your State

Step 4. You’ll Get the Current Day’s List from Your State

Step 5. We Recommend Signing Up for a Daily email with a New List Every Day


Every day, send a simple email to the 5 state politicians you are sent, which tells them you are praying. If you ask for prayer requests to lift up on their behalf, you will be AMAZED at their responses.

This is the email I send:

Hello Senator, So-and-so
(or, Representative, So-and-so)

Just a quick note to let you know I’m praying for you today.
If there is anything in particular I can lift up to the Lord, on your behalf, just let me know.

Original post, August 18, 2020.
Updated, April 16, 2022


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