Tired of acronyms?

I’d like you to hear my heart regarding EEO (Engaging Elected Officials).

It’s easy to engage the elected officials that WE AGREE with, but what about those we do not agree with?
ANSWER? We usually DO NOT engage them at all!

I want that to STOP, in the State of Georgia.

Now hear me clearly, I do not want you to give the podium to ANYONE who does not qualify to sign the “Speaker’s Agreement” which I know you are making ALL OF YOUR SPEAKERS sign.

Remember, the National Day of Prayer Task for is NON-PARTISAN. We need to stop ignoring those we disagree with politically. How will we have an impact upon them if we keep ignoring them? Scripture is even more succinct, (Romans 10:14 HCSB) But how can they call on Him they have not believed in? And how can they believe without hearing about Him? And how can they hear without a preacher?

It won’t happen, folks.

You see, I think we can figure out an Equation that the Georgia NDP can do. . .

  1. First, decide now, to invite EVERY elected official in your area, from State Senators and Representatives to County Commissioners to Mayors to Dog Catchers. If you’re a Dog Catcher I apologize for putting you at the bottom of the list, but I did capitalize your title.
  2. Second, remember, just because they are invited, DOES NOT MEAN, they get to speak (even if they’re an elected official). So, in your letter, tell them (if they are not going to be allowed to speak), “Mr. So and So, or, Madam So and So, we will have a special seat for you in the front row, and during the service we will come down off the stage and pray for you by name.”
  3. Finally, if you are not already, begin now to start TELLING THEM BY EMAIL, you are praying for them. I would email them weekly or every other week (no more than weekly). And when you tell them you are praying for them, ASK THEM if they have something in particular you can pray, on their behalf. You will be surprised by their responses.

Also, this will give you some “street-cred” because you took the time to reach out to them.

This third point above, LETTING THEM KNOW you are praying for them is HUGE! Last week I got a call from a State Senator. He said, “Mark, we don’t know each other, but I wanted to thank you for your emails. They are very encouraging.”

Here’s my goal:

I want us in the State of Georgia to figure out how to do this. I want us to work out the details and fix the kinks. So, if there is something I missed, or something odd you experience, I want you to tell me.

You see, I think that if we figure out the right “Equation” for Engaging Elected Officials (do you feel a knew acronym comin’ on), there may be other states who will want to do this too.

I know not every elected official will participate, but how exciting if ANOTHER THING that the National Day of Prayer is known for, is Engaging Every Elected Official.

Holy smokes! It would become the EEEO, instead of the EEO.

I know, I know, I know. “Preachers, they do everything with acronyms.”

It’s true! I can’t tell you how many times I’m talking with someone on the phone and instead of chuckling I want to say, LOL.


This year folks, EEEO, Engage Every Elected Official.




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