What Happened Today

A number of years ago, a wonderful song was sung live by a musician who has now fallen out of favor because of his lifestyle choices. Don’t be distracted by that. On my YouTube channel, I have this video pegged in my Favorite Christian Music.

The makers of the video have marvelously showed, in a 7 minute and 45 second music video.

Let this great video encourage your life, as you remember what Jesus went thru today.

FYI. Admittedly, the makers of the video took some creative license. Again, don’t let that distract you.

Our job at Common Thread Ministries is to encourage your prayer life. We get to do that because our saviour not only condescended and came to earth as a babe, but He saw His Father’s will for His life thru to the end.

Tomorrow we will look at “Losing Your Faith” as a result of your expectations NOT coming about, as the Apostles surely must have experienced.

Blessings to you my friend,



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