Too Much Fun

Yesterday I had the most fun that I have had in a long time.

And the fun started 25 years earlier.

Yesterday I was able to tell Babbie Mason, on her televisions show, Babbie’s House, how her music has moved me. Listen to this:

To The Cross

Yesterday, as she prepared for the live-taping, she sang it three times!

Whoa! Fabulous!

This song took me to the cross in the most difficult years of my life, and THIS WEEK, while reviewing her music, I realized something that I had not seen.

Her Music Prepped Me

Her music prepared my heart for the prayer ministry that I now do. Her music caused a sensitivity to begin to grow, where I had not seen one before.

How exciting for me to now add a third name to the folks most responsible for preparing me to get into “the-prayer-business.”

I have always considered Dr. Fredeen, from Turlock, CA. to be my first prayer mentor.

Dr. Charles Stanley gave me the opportunity to “get-my-feet-wet” leading the Men’s Sons of Thunder prayer time at FBA.

But it was Babbie Mason whose music in the mid 1990’s which gave me a hunger for something that was not realized until November 2010 when Common Thread Ministries became a full-time endeavor.

You have no idea how exciting that was for me to share with her, yesterday.

It was humbling for both of us.

Not sure when it will be aired, but I will keep you posted, especially if you are receiving our E-Letters. Take a look at them, and join The-Pray-ers, E-Letter Team:

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Blessings my friends,

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