Leonard Ravenhill used to say something similar to, “If you want to know how popular the church is, check out the crowd on Sunday morning. If you want to know how popular the preacher is, check out the crowd on Sunday night, but if you want to know how popular Jesus is, check out the Wednesday night prayer service.

What he meant was, if you have a vibrant relationship with Christ it will be reflected in your prayer life!

In the secular world there is this thing called “sending good Juju.” Now the truth is there’s nothing secular about it as its roots are witchcraft, plain and simple. Juju has turned into this karmic belief system that is another way of saying, “sending good thoughts. . . ”

But my concern is for the church, and I believe that we in the church have turned prayer into something as worthless as “sending good juju.”

A good friend of mine just recently challenged me on this very prayer issue, namely, “are our prayers being said because we heard from God and let Him direct us or not?” Now in some ways I think that he is way out in left field, however he did make me stop and re-think what I teach about prayer.

Here is my question to you, when you pray is it true “God-hearing/directed” prayer or is it just “sending good Juju” to the heavens?

If it’s the latter, “it ain’t making it through the ceiling, baby!” And if it’s the former, it needs to be based upon God’s Word.

Sooo, here’s the next question, when you pray, do you take the time to pray with your Bible open?

Real PRAYER, far from being a karmic experience (like sending good Juju) is the life-blood of a vibrant relationship with Christ.

Abide in Him, and He’ll abide in you AND THEN you’ll ask whatever you want and it will be done unto you (John 15:7).

WHY? Because as He abides in you, you’ll be asking what is on Christ’s heart, no longer your own inclinations.

Do you want to “send good juju” or do you want to pray from the heart of Jesus Himself?


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