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Men: M.W.F. 7am

Women: M. 8:45am / Thr. 6:45am

(All Times Eastern)

Phone: (605) 313-5086

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A novel about Political Intrigue, Church Anger, a Little Romance, and Passionate Politics

Do not put your trust in princes (Psalm 146:3a). If your political passion, hinders your relationship with your Christian brother or sister, you are wrong. . .even if you’re right. (The Author)


A Novel with Political Intrigue and Angry Church Friends.

Husband and wife, Jude & Issy, are the Religion Consultants for opposing Presidential candidates. The characters are fictional, but the story is not.

So Jude supports the wrong candidate. That makes you more spiritual than him?”

Across these pages, Judas Iscariot will recount the last 10 months of Jesus’ life. And his, not so flattering portrayal, will be combined with modern cybercrimes, the FBI, surveillance by Homeland Security, a little romance, and political passion. And the villain? Well, let’s just say the villain comes from a very trusted profession.

It’s a novel with a message: Our unity is in Christ; NOT our politics.

2020 is finally upon us. Not just a brand new year, but a new decade. I have heard it referred to as “The New Roaring 20’s” which, if true, is more scary than exciting. You see, that communicates to me, more “self-absorbed” than the previous decade.

Forgive me, if you think I’m sounding like an alarmist, or worse, a Holy-Joe. I am neither. In fact, I’m the first to say, “ere but by the grace of God go I.” 

So, what we have chosen to do here at Common Thread Ministries is give you tools which will improve your greatest barometer to your spiritual life, your prayer life.

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This month we focus on Senior Citizens and Graduates.

As the lyrics to the song ‘History Maker‘ by Delirious states, prayer can break the storm clouds of oppression and doubt. In Revelation chapter 8, the apostle John describes a scene in heaven where an angel takes the prayers of Christians and mixes it with fire from the altar before God and hurls it to the earth with devastating effect.

Our prayers do make a difference.

As part of CTM’s commitment to prayer, I host 35 – 40 prayer conference calls each week – and we want you to participate with us:

  • Men, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 AM
  • Women, every Monday at 8:45 AM & Thursday at 6:45 AM
  • (All Times are Eastern)

This time has been set apart and made holy (sanctified) and those that have been involved are very excited about what God is doing.

Even if you cannot make it onto the call; you can join us all in prayer wherever you are for God to have His way in your life. To see the lives of young and old transformed for eternity by the love of God and the good news of Jesus is our ultimate purpose.

It is so exciting to hear about God stirring the hearts of His people to pray. Be blessed, and as the song title says, let’s be ‘History Makers!’