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Remembering A “Dr. Dale and Thales” Short Story from Mark S Mirza






My Dear FREE Short Story Readers,

This Free Short Story from a few months ago focused on two men who did NOT do what they promised:


This FREE short story includes numerous people from the novel, The Pray-ers:
– The Angel, Hael
– Our Modern Day Prayer Hero, Dr. Dale
– Caiaphas’ son, Benjamin
– The 1st Century Prayer Hero, Thales
– And a new character, Billy-Bob

In this FREE short story Hael, our resident angel, weaves in a 2000 year old problem that is faced by our modern day pray-er who happens to be responsible for his local National Day of Prayer.

You will find it funny, entertaining, and frustrating.

If you have not downloaded the above FREE short story yet, please do so.

Of course get the original FREE short stories by CLICKING HERE.

One more thing. Pray for me. I am writing the next short story (forgive me, Gretchen is), for it is about the Itinerant Preacher Alexander Rich, his horse Sterling, a large prehistoric animal, and NOT praying for protection.

Blessings my friends,


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Only if you are interested:
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This will allow us to make one of our part time teachers a full time employee and enable Mark to return to Kenya to continue rebuilding the foundation of prayer in that country.


Lots going on every day!

Please take the time to check it out, and, if you will, use it to pray for us. Thank you.


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