I so love going to Kenya and serving these folks, helping them mature in the faith. This photo is from Kisii during my last trip, in May of this year.

I find myself burdened though, about their maturity in the faith. Below is an excerpt from Epaphras as he deals with the same issues in my book:

Epaphras, still quiet, then heard the sounds of the city coming to life and thinking of his people who had to live in that world every day he exclaimed, “Oh Lord, how I long to see them mature in the faith.[1] I trust You Father to fill me with the knowledge of Your will, giving me all wisdom and spiritual understanding so that I walk worthy of You, especially as I correct my people, and grow in the knowledge of You.”[2]

Above, Epaphras is in prayer when he prays, not only for them, his congregation, but himself too. I do the same thing. So often I NEED to pray, trusting God as I direct, and sometimes, correct my friends in Kenya.

As you think about me, pray for me, would you? I so need it!

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[1] Colossians 4:12m

[2] Colossians 1:9b-10