YUK! Right?

Seriously! What else can you say about #Memorization?

  • It takes a lot of work
  • It takes maintenance
  • It’s not fun
  • It takes a GREAT deal of time.

I could keep going and I’m sure you could too

But if you haven’t watched this 4 minute video, you’ll want to.

  • I will show you a really easy way to memor. . .

That sounds too much like a salesman. How about this?

If you pray for your spouse, kids, others, I’ve got an idea which already fits into your time.


I’ll give you a good reason to memorizae

My focus might surprise you.

Enjoy the video:

YouTube Video, Memorization of Scripture

How Do I Start?

Simple, just keep your eyes open, as you read scripture and you will see a verse you can pray for. . .whomever.

And that’s where you start.

It ain’t rocket-science. 



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