As you listen closely to the 3 minute audio below I begin to talk about Hael, and angel in the book. You will hear this “old-gal” give a high pitched, I don’t know, whoop, screech, something. It was Freudian in nature I’m sure!

Hael Wishing Happy BirthdaySeriously she has become a good friend, in part, because of this character, this Guardian Angel in my book. And as you can tell by the picture to the left, Hael clearly likes her too, for he actually sent a birthday card to her.

She tells that the first time she read the book she, “read it in 1 day, and how far along are you Mark with the second book?” She has been a PAIN in my side, but a cute one.

She recently told a friend of mine, “You tell Mark that I’m 81 years old, and if he doesn’t get that book finished real soon he may have to read it to me in heaven!”

Her and I have had a lot of fun, except a few weeks ago when I told her I put book 2 aside so that I could focus on another novel. “But,” I told her, “Hael is the one telling the story.”

The interview below I did over the phone because I spoke in her previous church and I knew everyone would love to hear from her, even though she wouldn’t be there.

I’ve never done an interview like this before, but then I’ve never known someone like Miss Pat before.

Enjoy this short interview with my friend, Miss Pat.

If you are interested in the book you can CLICK HERE. The idea behind the novel is to teach prayer through the fun of Christian Fiction. I often teach that “prayer is more caught than taught, so if you want to learn to pray, get around people that pray.” Hence, in the book, men and women are modeling prayer.

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