Rebuilding the Foundations of Prayer (Psalm 11:3)

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Since I reference the song below I figured I ought to allow you to listen to it too.
By the way, there is nothing scriptural about the song
Even quoting Scripture they get it wrong

My Dear Pray-ers,


The O’Jays

Money, Money, Money, Money . . .

I believe that most of you know my attitude around money, which is why we didn’t beg you for money while others may have last month. I’m not putting down those who asked, my board and many I do ministry with wish that I would at least ask you.

So, I will bring up money in this E-Letter . . . but NOT the way you might expect.

Entering 2018 Worrying?

From this 3 minute video you’ll get the following 3 things:

  1. Consider Worry a Sin (Matthew 6:34)
  2. Remember God is Sovereign (Psalm 103:19)
  3. Then Trust God, Asking Him to Fix Your “Worrier” (Mark 9:24)

Are You Unsure of God’s Plan in 2018

I can tell you the COMPLETE Promise of God, Money, and YOU . . .
In 3 Lines (15 words):

Seek first His Kingdom,
and His Righteousness,
and He WILL take care of the details

You may say, “Mark you have NO CLUE!!!

I understand that sentiment.
Click on the picture above or CLICK HERE.
The resulting “Bus-Crash-Post” may help.


I can just hear you, “Why did you have to bring up tithing!?!?
Let me just give you TWO rules about tithing:

  1. Tithe to your local church
  2. Give offerings to ministries like mine, ONLY AFTER you have tithed.

I have ONE challenge, or encouragement to the tither:

  • Do you tithe your gross?

Okay, a 2nd challenge and this is a challenge:

  • Have you considered tithing your time?

Two Money Stories

And They Are True, I promise!

Did you hear the one about The Good Deacon?

He told God, “You can have ALL the money You want.

So EVERY Sunday:
The deacon took the offering outside,
Threw it up, Up, UP into the air,
Trusting that God would keep what He wanted, and
The deacon would be responsible for the rest.

Did you hear the one about The Two Old Geezers and Their Pension?

Yep, they knew that God wouldn’t want their pensions reduced,

So, instead of getting married, they chose to live together.

Do You Trust Him or Not

That’s what those two stories are about.

Here’s my wife’s favorite verse, or verses:

For crying-out-loud.
You’ve trusted Him with your ETERNITY.
Surely you can trust Him with your money.

Which reminds me of a book we have in our resources, titled:
“Whose Money is it Anyway”

It’s an older John MacArthur book, CLICK HERE or the book below:


Let me show you what we at Common Thread Ministries are trusting God for in 2018:

  •     Resources at Pastor’s Conferences
    •     Recommended Donation: $300.00 up to $450.00
  •     Support for the Pastor’s Conferences
    •     Recommended Donation: $1,000.00
  •     Empowering of Lay People with Support Material
    •     Recommended Donation: $25.00 up to $100.00

You may also choose to give monthly, either as a personal donation, or a church giving to a minister/missionary.

To give, CLICK HERE.


Lots going on every day!
Please take the time to check it out, and, if you will, use it to pray for us as we continue to pray that God will open doors so that we can spread this message and spread it boldly.

Thank you for praying.


Mark S Mirza
Founder/Speaker/Writer for Common Thread Ministries
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