I just had the opportunity to join with others and pray for our military.

Below is the outline we used. There are a few things on the outline we did not get to, but it is a decent representation of what we prayed.

Praying for our Military


  • Begin By Praising the Lord
  • Pray for the spiritual maturity of our military members.
    • Remember The Centurion (Matthew 8:7-9)
  • Pray the Word of God as a warrior with authority.
  • Homecoming
    • Coming home from deployment can be the hardest part of serving.
    • Remember Romans 15:13
  • Potential Massive Deployment Later this Year
  • Pray for Families Left Home
  • North Korea, it’s Menacing Tones
    • And the Hope of unifying Christian liberty in North Korea as in South Korea
  • Honor for Our Military from Stateside Men and Women
  • Cyber Security
  • Veterans and their Stateside Affairs, including the VA Hospitals
  • Bases all over GA, including the Churches/Pastors/SS Teachers who minister to the children left home when a parent is deployed
  • Commander In Chief
  • The Greatest Military, the Christians,
    • 1 Peter 4:17, Judgment Begins in the Church House
    • #Pray4Unity (John 17:21, has got to become truth)
    • Ephesians 6:12, Our Struggle is not Against Flesh and Blood

I want to specifically thank T. C. for being on the phone with me for the entire hour.


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