Below are some GREAT books that we have just added to our store.

I have added a small note of my own beside each. If you are interested merely click on the book and it will take you to the appropriate resource page.


David Macintyre's The Hidden Life of Prayer

I love this book! I love the writings of these old preachers, which is why we are making this a special sale $5.00 and no shipping


The Mark of Salvation a Novel

Now that I have written my own fiction novel, I have reread other Christian fiction, and am loving it. This particular book is a part of a series, making it all the more enjoyable.


The Max Lucado Journal for the book It's Not About Me

This simple little journal has become a real challenge to my Tuesday Morning Bible Study. Max Lucado’s simple questions are VERY insightful. I can never write a simple answer. It’s brilliant!


Pray-ers like Ruth Graham Bell Contribute to this book, Prayers from A Mother's Heart

This women’s prayer book is just, well, pretty, and insightful, and heartwarming. It’s really brilliantly done. You’ll be impressed with the reviews I included.


Frank Minirth, et al and their book, The Father Book, An Instruction Manual

Finally, there’s this book. May I tell you how I describe it? The explanation doesn’t tell you this. It has kicked-my-tail!

I trust that you’ll enjoy these books!

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