We are excited that we have a new short story available for our readers. This is another free story about one of my favorite characters – Dr. Dale from the book The Pray-ers.   Here is a quick sample for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to download your copy today from this link: Dr Dale and The Lazy Pray Organizers.

A Doctor Dale Short Story


If Dr. Dale’s eyes were opened to see the angels around him his mood might have changed. Because of his anger right now he may have just been sarcastic as to what he saw. For as he left church on this Saturday, where he had just led the men’s prayer ministry, there were myriads of guardian angels milling about awaiting their charges. In his state of mind, he would have looked and seen these angels and quipped that they looked more like angelic bouncers.

Each of the angels stood nine foot tall and had bodies that were chiseled as if out of solid rock.

Again, knowing Dr. Dale’s state of mind he probably would have looked around and said, “You guys look like you are mafia king-pin body guards.”

His own guardian angel Hael was sitting in the back of Dr. Dale’s little car but he wasn’t alone. Tephillah was with him. Tephillah had just been reassigned to a mortal named Billy Bob Johnson who would be exiting the church soon.

Since Dale’s eyes were not opened to see this part of the heavenlies he didn’t have to see these two angels, whose bodies would naturally decompress to fit into any size they needed to. But just the thought […More…]