Pastors’ Sunday Prayers Have Purpose.

Thank you to my last 3 speaking engagements I have been able to watch 3 masters pray with purpose.

  • My Pastor (The Midtown Bridge), Milton Campbell
  • Antioch Baptist Pastor, Gary Hartman
  • Britt David Baptist Pastor, Tim Jones

Each of these three men demonstrated what we often see lacking in our churches, namely, “Purposeful Pastoral Prayer.”

Usually, Sunday morning prayers merely transition us from one part of the service to another. Not for these three guys, and I hope, not for you!

So, let me ask if your prayers are the same week, after week, after week, after week, after. . .

Think about the following prayers:

  • Your Sunday School Teacher’s Prayer
  • Your Deacon’s Offering Prayer
  • Your Worship Team’s Ending Prayer
  • Your Pastor’s Closing Prayer
  • Your Own Personal Prayer Before a Meal
  • Your Own Personal Prayer at Bed-time


Hey, I’m hitting me too.

Come-on, change it up a bit. Actually think about your prayer next time.