Pastors, we’d like to help.

Pray-ers while you preach.

Weekly pastor’s prayer call.

Prayer basics.

Church prayer events.

And more.

What prayer needs do you have?


Do your Sunday prayers have a purpose, or do they merely act as a transition from one part of the service to another?

Mark’s 3 minute video might help.

If you want to read the SHORT post that goes with this video, CLICK HERE.

Below, a group of pastors in middle Georgia are praying together. Share with us your needs. We will meet you where you are.

Let us help you figure out what next steps to take, in your church, or your association, or just in your own personal prayer life.

Are you feeling an “itch,” perhaps to move? As long as it takes, we’ll pray with you until God moves.

To find Prayer Tools you can implement immediately, click on the link above, any photo below, or HERE.

Prayer WHILE You are Preaching

Weekly Pastor’s Prayer Calls

Prayer Basics in 3 Minute Videos

Easy Church Prayer Events, Really


Check out the whole series of posts.

From “Grief” to “Thining Hair and Sin

To “Celebrating 2020” to “April Fool’s Day

— SPOILER-ALERT, the April Fool’s Day post is not a “holy” post, but it is a FUN post.


Check out the landing page first.

Then scroll to the bottom to see the entire series of posts (or CLICK HERE).

From “This” to “That” and everything in between.

These are VERY SHORT notes of what God is speaking to me, through His Word.

— GIVE ME GRACE, I’ve not done it every day, but I will be soon.

Mark’s D.C. Trips

Believe it or not, they’ll encourage you:

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