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Start Your Own
Sons of Thunder Men’s Prayer Meeting

2 Versions Below

Prayer WHILE You are Preaching:

Here’s a few tips for people praying DURING the worship service? CLICK HERE to download a VERY-HELPFUL 2 page tool for making this happen.

  • Put someone in charge who can use their computer & will keep the “prayer-folders” up to date
  • Every week’s “prayer-folders” should include the current bulletin & other specific requests
  • If you can, put a monitor in the prayer room so your pray-ers can pray in real time, but, NO AUDIO
  • Finally, limit the number times praying to ONCE PER MONTH because they must be listening to you the rest of the time

Any questions, call or email Mark

(404) 606-2322

Weekly Pastor’s Prayer Calls:

Join us every wednesday at 2 pm (EST).

You might ask, “Why Wednesday, it’s always so busy?”

That’s why.

Dial in:
(605) 313-5086

Access Code:

Prayer Basics in 3 Minute Videos:

I’ve done around 70, 3 minute videos that discuss various aspects of basic prayer issues.

The link below is directly to my YouTube Channel, and the Prayer Basics Playlist in particular.

There is also a Prayer Basics webpage, you may find helpful.

And as above, some Basic instructions for starting your own Sons Of Thunder Men’s Prayer Group.
2 Versions to Print:
Booklet Version
Single Pages Version (Read from your Phone of Computer)


Easy Church Prayer Events:

This is the column I’m not sure what to do with. There are so many things you can do.

  • All Night Prayer Meeting (great for New Years) CLICK HERE
  • 714 Team (praying at 714 am and/or pm)
  • Prayer Partners (who meet by phone to pray, weekly)
  • Prayer Conference (host a prayer conference in your church)
  • Sons of Thunder (ask men to pray at your church every other Saturday, it’ll sound like thunder going up to heaven)
  • Short Term Missions Prayer Captains (imagine going on a mission trip WITHOUT someone organizing prayer)
  • Missionary Adoption Program (your “adopters” email their missionary once a month to get their prayer requests)
  • Operation Jingle Bells (every time you see a nativity scene, pray for the folks in that home)
  • Praying for Pastors/Staff (encourage your people to text or email you/your staff for prayer requests)
  • Sunday School Teacher’s Prayers (you’d be surprised how little of this happens)
  • Dawn Prayer Meetings (is not just for Resurrection Sunday)
  • Corporate 40 Hour Fast (Fast Thursday dinner thru a 10am Saturday Brunch where everyone breaks their fast together)
  • Lighthouses of Prayer (see to pray for the homes around your home)
  • Prayer Walking (every August prayer-walk your localk schools)
  • Prayer Photos (here Sunday School classes exchange photos of and pray for one another)
  • Sunday School Prayer Coordinators (keep prayer moving and encouraged)
  • Prayer Leaders for EACH Ministry (another one which you would be surprised does not happen

As with everything, feel free to call or email Mark to discuss:

(404) 606-2322

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