A Curious Principle about Peace

Philippians 4:7a “and the peace of God which transcends ALL UNDERSTANDING. . .

This incredible statement is true EVERY TIME it is put to the test.

When you pray for someone, is that not what you want to see for them? Of course it is!

Peace of mind is an amazing thing.

It is often elusive.

And yet, it is also “magical.” Please note the quotes, before you think me a heretic.

Interestingly, peace rarely comes the moment you want it. And as counter-intuitive as this sounds, peace often comes as a result of AGONIZING with God.

  • Look at Jesus in the Garden vs. Jacob all night long
    • Who eventually arose with peace? And who arose, still scared, and went and did what he planned the day before?
  • I admit, it’s impressive Jacob wrestled with God all night long.
    • But it is equally sorrowful that it resulted in the same old Jacob, manipulating others, rather than trusting God.

Friends, you DO NOT get peace when you “remain in control.” Again, said in quotes because if you think you’re in control of ANYTHING you have another think coming.

You want peace? Lasting peace only comes when you COMPLETELY submit to God.

Below is a brief, 3 minute video on peace. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you need to:

Look at our last “Connect the Dots” scene. . .

CONNECT THE DOTS (Step 3 of 3):

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This week: . . .He and I talked a few minutes after he got my text that I was praying for him. What did he say? It was simple, and it was what many of you hear when you pray for someone. He said, “Oh Mark, thank you. I sure needed that.”

If you just grip someone’s hand and pray for them, YOU HAVE experienced the same thing I did with my friend.

When you prayed for them they experienced a peace which COMPLETELY transcends our understanding. Did they not experience it? Yes! Did you have a hand in it? Yes! So why don’t you make a note on your calendar and call that person back in a few days and pray for them again.

PS. That wasn’t a question, rather, it was a strong encouragement.

Do it baby. Do it!

Is the burden he’s carrying gone? No! But for a time being, he has, and CAN HAVE AGAIN, peace, from his burden.
Step 1 — Ask!
Step 2 — Pray!
Step 3 — Observe!

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