Would You Thank the Lord with Me?

Regarding the Division in this Nation, Please?

  • You see, I believe the Church has a unique opportunity to stand apart from the world.
  • We can live and demonstrate unity in our churches, even though we may disagree at the ballot box.
  • My friends, the world cannot do that! They are not equipped. But you and I are, because of the Holy Spirit living inside us.

Let These Posts Encourage You

And Maybe even Challenge You

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  • When Thanksgiving GOES TOO FAR.

  • How to know if your political praying is arrogant praying.

  • Are you NOT trusting God? If not, you might be trusting princes.

  • Ever consider that your attitude when you pray might be calling God a liar?

  • If the Bible is true, you can blame God for our politcal results.

  • Distractions when you pray can be a thing of the past (I guarantee it).

  • 3 anecdotes about racism in the church. They will encourage you, anger you and frustrate you.

  • God is in control, and a TRULY, bi-partisan prayer guide.

  • sataN changes tactics, just when you think you’ve thwarted him.





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