Are You a Politician?

We’re Here to Help

We recognize you can’t always ask for help. Our tools are designed around helping, “Under the radar,” you might say. Unless you contact us, we’ll have no idea you are letting us help you. AND THAT’S THE WAY WE WANT IT!

Since 2014 Mark has, with the strictest confidentiality, prayed with and for your colleagues, literally from DC to City Halls. If you want to call Mark, his cell phone is at the top of each web-page.

We are NOT HERE AS LOBBYISTS. Mark says, “I won’t even talk politics unless you want to.”

There are three areas where our experience tells us we can give you support. . .

1] Your Spiritual Life

2] Your Prayer Life

3] Your Family Life

Are You a LayPerson?

We’re Here to Help

When you think of “helping” as it relates to politics, do you think of them helping you or you helping them?

Friends, every one of us has a place and EVERY PUBLIC SERVANT needs your support, from the President of the United States to your Community Dog-Catcher, whether you voted for them or not, whether you like them or not. They need your help.

We have PROVEN TOOLS which you can put into practice TODAY.

They’re FREE! We don’t want your money (although being non-profit we do take donations). We’re not here TO SELL YOU ANYTHING. We are here to supply the resources which you can use and then, if led to, you can encourage others to also use them.

There’s only one question. . .

Don’t Let this Opportunity Pass You By

God’s Sovereignty Means You’re Where He Wants You

Politician and LayPerson, God has you where you are, for such a time as this.

My prayer for you, even before this web-page went live, is that WHATEVER your hands find to do,  you will not tire of doing good, for you are working/doing ministry, for the Lord, before anyone else.

Take advantage of our tools and resources and experience.

Let God be God in your life.