Georgia’s Opening Day

I Attended the Georgia House Swearing-In Ceremony

I hesitate to confess this, but I didn’t attend because I wanted to. I attended because I decided if I’m serious about serving them in prayer, I ought to take seriously the things they consider important.

Before I took this photo all of their family members were there. They were on the floor of the house. They were taking photos with one another. It was very fun watching them enjoy themselves, and I realized how important this was to them.

Ask yourself if you are serious about praying for your politicians. And if you are, ask yourself, “Why” you are moved to pray for them.

We think we can encourage you in 3 key areas. 1] Your Motivation for Praying. 2] Your Politicians to Pray for. 3] Your Tools to Use.

Each of the 3 key areas begins with a short video and a very short post.

Feel free to add, as a comment, the things you have done and learned, in praying for politicians. I’m sure others will be blessed by your comments.

Encouraging You With. . .

Your Motivation

We are always fascinated by people’s motivation for praying. What’s your motivation to pray for politicians? Is it because you want to live a peaceful life? Maybe you desire better outcomes on issues important to you. Maybe you want to see these men and women saved.

All these are legitimate reasons to  pray, but at Common Thread Ministries, our motivation has a different focus.

Our Motivation is the bearing of these men and women’s burdens.

We call it, “Low-Level” Nuts & Bolts Praying.

Your Politicians

This is the easiest step of all . . . kind of.

In another sense, this is a really difficult step. We think it’s difficult because the evil one doesn’t want you to pray and he will put up as many distractions as he can.

This section is all about getting your politicians “at your finger-tips,” as it were.

Why? Simple. So that YOU CAN BEGIN TO ENCOURAGE THEM in and through your praying.

Your Tools

Have you heard Mark tell his stories of people being blessed in the halls of congress? He often says, “You’ll never hear about it on CNN or Fox News, it’s just not sexy enough.”

The testimonies YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SHARE as you pray with and for politicians and their staff will bless them, bless you, and bless your Christian friends.

Remember, Mark has been engaging politicians in weekly prayer since early in 2015.

We think we can help you (in part, by learning from our mistakes).

A Brief Prayer Observation

Prayer Blesses Those You Lift Up To The Lord

When you share with someone, “We’re praying for you,” it almost always has an instantaneous uplifting effect, regardless of whether the problem is gone or not.

We’d like you to experience that encouragement too, by periodically participating in our Men’s or our Women’s prayer conference calls. They are usually only 15 minutes long, and the “Structure” is something you’ll find very easy to replicate.

On our home page ( there is a link/box which has our men’s prayer calls and our women’s prayer calls.

Join us when you can.