If you watched our short video, answer Mark’s question.

What is your motivation for praying with and for your elected officials?

If you are struggling, THAT’S OKAY! Don’t be embarrassed. In fact, We’re proud of you that you are being honest.

Let us suggest one word . . . HUMILITY. Ask the Lord for humility as you prepare to pray for these men and women.

I hate to escribe what we are by giving you a, “What we’re not,” but it’ll be helpful in this case.


There are LOTS of great lobbyists, but not us!

I Want. . .

Do you want to be different?

Every single person who enters the office of an elected official, wants something from them.


And you have the opportunity to be different.


Simple, be focused on bearing their burdens. They won’t believe you at first, but that’s okay. You continue to show up (whether it be in person or by email) and simply be focused on praying for the items they want you to.

Two quick hints for you:

  1. If you take notes, keep your notes, of their prayer requests, PRIVATE.
  2. Don’t reach out to them more often than once per week. I prefer once a month.

Watch my short video below for a real life example of a Washington DC Congressman’s reaction.

In the meantime, here are 3 posts/videos on Burdens which will help your motivation:

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Finally, here’s a whole series of short posts/videos on politics: Politics Series

May I. . .

Would you like a surprise?

You will be surprised by your elected officials, at the responses when you simply ask if you can pray for them.

Emailing men and women on both sides of the aisle will bless you. Remember, your motivation IS NOT TO FIX THE WAY THEY THINK. Your motivation is to bear their burdens.

Don’t be a lobbyist, even if you’re right. You are there to serve them.

I’m not taking shots at lobbyists. We need them, but that’s not our focus here. In fact, you can look at my social media and have no idea if I am a Republican or a Democrat. And that’s by design. I want BOTH PARTIES to feel comfortable with me being there.

Two quick confessions for you:

  1. I never get involved with political discussions on social media.
  2. Even when I’m right.

Watch my short video. It’ll give you a real life example of what happens when you are there to serve.