How do you get the raw data so you can reach out to your elected officials?

We will give you two scenarios.

  1. One takes a lot of work, but is GREAT!
  2. The other is simple and can have the first 6 US and State officials to your in-box in less than 5 minutes.

We want you started praying for these folks, by name ASAP.

The Hard Way

The Most Complete Way

In fact, it is what I hope ALL OF US aspire to.

Below is a document my friend sends me regularly where he lists nearly all the elected officials in his county, so they can be prayed for, by name.

To get this put together requires some work. You have to go to the various city, state, and county websites and draw all the names down, record them and organize them.

Then you have the challenge of reaching out to them to let you know you are praying for them.

But as you can see below, it is worth the effort.

Thank you, U. D.


The Easy Way

This is How Mark Started

Capitol Commission is a ministry Mark has supported for years. These are pastors who are pastors to state elected officials and they are COMPLETELY non-partisan.

They are just there to serve.

In serving, they have partnered with “Pray1Tim2” to get into your email inbox 6, US and State elected officials every day. The five state officials include their email address so all you have to do is “click” their email icon and send the a quick note.

Very easy.

Very simple.

And very consistent.

The federal officals, when you get them, don’t always have and email address, but you can usually go to their respective websites and attain it.

Below are simple instructions to start getting this GREAT DAILY GIFT.

Daily Encourage Elected Officials


Follow These Steps. . .

Step 1. Click this Link

Capitol Commission Logo for Government Prayer Initiative

Step 2. You’ll go Here

Pray1Tim2 Landing Page

Step 3. Click on Your State

Choose your state

Step 4. You’ll Get the Current Day’s List from Your State

Step 5. We Recommend Signing Up for a Daily email with a New List Every Day


Every day, send a simple email to the 5 state politicians.

Tell them you are praying and ask for prayer requests to lift up on their behalf, you will be AMAZED at their responses. I typically get an average of one response per day, not counting the “auto-replies.”

This is the email I send:

Hello Senator, So-and-so
(or, Representative, So-and-so)

Just a quick note to let you know I’m praying for you today.
If there is anything in particular I can lift up to the Lord, on your behalf, just let me know.

Mark Mirza