Let’s be honest. When it comes to “Tools” for praying, what do you need?

Well, to quote a shoe company’s logo.

Just Do It

So we want to give you support by way of very short posts and videos.

Daily Prayer & Study

At Common Thread Ministries we have a #PrayAllYear format, which you will find encouraging.

The daily post comes from an 1830’s devo which Mark has made available to you.

It is available on the website, VIA daily posts and the entire booklet is also available, FREE, digitally.

Our Daily Posts


When you click on the above link, you will go to our #PrayAllYear overview. We have nine (9) different seasons of the year we will take you through.

It’s FREE. Enjoy it! You can find it here on the website, but you can also find the daily posts on our Common Thread Ministries FB Group, which should make SHARING these posts easier.

Our FB Page

Add the Digital Version Free. . .

To Your Phone or Tablet or Computer

Follow the simple steps below, to get your digital version of this booklet, FREE.

  1. Go to the link below (by clicking on the photo)
  2. Add the digital version to your cart
  3. Go to the check out (I apologize for all the info you have to add)
  4. When you are asked to pay, insert this code. . . 3FoldFree
  5. You can then complete the sale (without inputting any debit/credit card info) and the book will be sent to your email

Of course, the actual book is available in our store for purchase at MarkMirza.com/Store

Periodic Prayer & Study

Besides prayer, the single most important “Prayer-Tool” in my aresenal, is a prayer card I leave with the person I’m praying with. Below is a sample of one you  an replicate, as well as an arsenal of more you can print out. The follow up video below explains why this is so important.

CLICK HERE for more of the cards, and in a format you can print them from.

Let us give you another free download. It is a 1656 sermon by a man who told his people how to vote in a time when England was VERY DIVIDED (sound familiar). Mark rewrote it into modern English (except for a few words) but William Gurnall’s insight will bless you.

It is our gift to you. It is FREE.

Below you will find a number of areas on our website that are updated as new posts & videos are added.

I’m embarrassed to admit that this includes “Daily Meditation” but as soon as we can add that to the DAILY side, we will.

In the meantime, we want you to enjoy the following:

  • Prayer Pillar Posts
  • Prayer-Basics Videos
  • Georgia National Day of Prayer (in English & Spanish)
  • PrayerCon
  • And, of Course, Daily Meditations

Just click on the photo to go to that part of our website.

Prayer Pillar Posts

Prayer-Basics Videos

Georgia NDP (English)

Georgia NDP (Spanish)


Daily Meditation