I’ll Never Forget this Day

I Attended a Bible Study in the Lincoln Room

It was my first visit to the US Capitol, as a prayer-guy, simply wanting to serve this man and his colleagues. And this Congressman made it his job to show me around the Capitol, inside and out. He even made sure I had a few photos from the Lincoln Room to memorialize my visit.

On this page I want to give you the “readers-digest-version” of how we can help you, whether you are in the highest office in the land, or the local dog-catcher. More detailed explanations and even a few videos are available from there.

PS. In the photo above, I covered his face because who I speak with and who I pray with is no one’s business. I remember being introduced to a Senator who had a photographer there to capture a photo of those he meets with. I immediately explained that what I do (praying for him and others), I prefer to do in the background. So be ssured, I will keep it that way.

That “PS” reminds me of a Congressman who didn’t trust me (and he shouldn’t, he had never met me) but after a few visits he finally realized I didn’t want anything from him, except to bear his burdens in prayer. I’ll never forget his reaction. He gave a long and loud sigh. It spoke volumes.

Helping You With. . .

Your Spiritual Life

Just between you and the Lord, where are you on your spiritual journey?

“Reality-Check” — The length of time you’ve been saved is not necesarily a hint to your answer.

Are you still dealing with the basics? Perhas you are an intermediate? Maybe you your spiritual life is very advanced? Let our simple definitions and corresponding direction help you move forward.

This might help you . . . the answer is not in what you know, it’s in what you practice.

Your Prayer Life

Mark often teaches that, “Your prayer-life is the baromter to your spiritual life.” If that’s true you might wonder why we didn’t start with prayer. ANSWER: We’re not sure, we may flip-flop the two yet.

In the meantime, we have used the same descriptive “jumping off points.”

So, let us ask you, would consider your prayer life still in the basic stages? Maybe you do practice prayer and consider yourself in an intermediate stage. Or, you may have a wonderful prayer-life and are an advanced pray-er?

PS. Most pray-ers I know claim the more they pray, the more they realize they DO NOT KNOW.

Your Family Life

First and foremost,we advocate praying for your family specifically and weekly with someone you can trust.

When you click on this link Mark has a 2 minute video where he recounts a story of a US Congressman’s prayer requests. You’ll see why this is so important.

In this area of your life we want to point you to Victorious Family. We suggest you begin with their “Family Home Kit” which the link below gets you to.

Mark and Terence, the CEO at Victorious Life, pray together every week.

“You can trust his advice and the simplicity of his starting points.”


A Brief Prayer Observation

Prayer Touches Each of these Three Areas of Your Life

We’re praying for you, probably by name and probably more often than you think.

If there is anything in particular we can lift up to the Lord on your behalf, text or email Mark directly. You can even WhatsApp him for more confidentiality, assuming it’s still end-to-end encrypted.

Cell: (404) 606-2322

Email: Mark@CTMPrayer.org