We want to keep “Dealing with Your Family Life,” super simple.

Find a plethora of information at the website. . . Victorious Family.

We suggest that you BEGIN with their “Home Kit” by clicking onto the photo. It’s is a GREAT starting point.

Of course, however we can pray with you and for you, just call or email Mark. Both his cell phone and email are the top of EVERY page.

Let Mark’s friend Terence, and his ministry help you and your family.

Praying With Your Family Members

If you join one of our men’s calls or women’s calls, you’ll hear a real simple “structure” in place.

Begin your prayer time by focusing on the Lord (before you lift up specific requests).

Next, pray for family, and if you’re able, let your kids pray for different family members (you can then pray for whatever was left out).

Finally, each of you pray for their respective, ministry, job, school, etc.

We often say about prayer, rather pathetically, “it’s all I can do.”

No! Prayer is ALL, it’s EVERYTHING you can do!

Do you hear the difference?

PS. When you get the “Home Kit” from Victorious Family, you will see an important emphasis on prayer.