December 9

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Imagine the joy fun that old Zechariah and Elizabeth must have had when they realized they were pregnant.
    • Can you imagine how cute this old couple must have been together.
    • I want you that are praying with me, to periodically have the same kind of “giddy” time with the Lord.
    • In fact, that is my prayer for you who pray alongside me, each and every day, during these 25 Days of Prayer.
  • Today’s prayer

After Elizabeth  became pregnant she remained in seclusion for five months (Luke 1:24). Lord I can just see her and Zechariah, wanting to enjoy every happy moment they could in this very unique miracle of life you brought them. Lord, we trust You to grant joy and peace to Your children that are praying through these 25 Days of Prayer, simply because they are believers (Romans 15:13). Not because we deserve it Lord but simply because of Your mercy and Your grace. Thank You Lord.

Merry Christmas,



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