December 10

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Trust. . .a scary word when you are dealing with an unknown.
    • And yet two biblical characters, in two very difficult situations handled truth very differently from one another.
    • Let me jump to where we all think we are, which is knowing that “nothing is impossible with God.”
    • But before we park there, ask yourself, “Do I submit to God only AFTER I understand His direction for my life?”
    • My prayer for us today is that we would be open to the Lord working in our lives, because we trust Him (period).
  • Today’s prayer

Zechariah looked to man’s wisdom and doubted while Mary looked to Your sovereignty and trusted. What do I do? Lord, Psalm 103:19 tells me that You are sovereign over all. . .yet I so often act like Zechariah wanting to decide if Your ways fit into my box (Luke 1:18) whereas Mary trusted in Your words that came through the angel (Luke 1:38). Father, we often quote verse 37 of Luke 1, “Nothing is impossible with God,” but selfishly, not accepting the next words from Mary, that she submits to You, as she is Your servant. Lord, would You convict our hearts to be broken for our selfishness and cause us to glory in child-like faith instead.

Merry Christmas,



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