December 11

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • This is the season for giving. . .or is it?
    • What are you giving. . .and to whom?
    • Let me ask it this way, are any of your gifts given to those with tangible needs. . .which you can meet?
    • Folks, as you buy additional gifts for your friends or family, I trust you will be burdened for those whom you can minister to, in tangible ways.
  • Today’s prayer

Elizabeth’s proclamation to Mary shows the wisdom of an older woman, and yet Lord it also shows the simplicity and childlike faith that is so needed today. Lord, Elizabeth talked about mercy in verses 50 and 54. . .but tucked away in between (Luke 1:53) is a verse that I pray for the hungry in my town this year, that You would fill them “with good things.” Lord I know that “good things” does not necessarily mean abundance of material things, although it sometimes can. And Lord, I know it does mean peace, hope, love, faithfulness, joy, etc. all of these things that are Your attributes. Thank You Lord that 2000 years ago Elizabeth could pray this for her day, and I can do the same for my day. And whenever it is within my ability, burden me to show Your love, tangibly, to someone in need.

Merry Christmas,



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