December 12

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • If you spend any time in Christian circles at all, you invariably hear someone put down another’s belief, simply because it’s different from theirs.
    • We even do this when another Christian’s political beliefs are “different” from our own.
    • Zechariah, John the Baptist’s dad made a huge faux paux relative to what he expected Christ to be.
    • He expected Christ to be a political Messiah.
    • My concern today is how we treat people that believe differently than we do.
  • Today’s prayer

Lord, as I read the account of Zechariah’s prophecy (Luke 1:6-79) even though he was filled with the Holy Spirit, he seems to have gotten it wrong!!! It looks like Zechariah expected Jesus to be a political leader (Luke 1:71) Lord, I realize that I don’t always have an accurate bead on Your truths, but Lord give me the grace to allow others with differing opinions to have them without me looking down my nose at them. Lord, Father, my Saviour, give me the wisdom and spiritual understanding to be gracious to those around me. Thank You Lord.



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Merry Christmas,



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