December 15

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Think about the way God communicated with Moses.
    • It was face to face, right?
    • Now, God tells Moses that He was going to do incredibly, unbelievable things, which the Israelites would experience!
    • Did you realize this incredible way of communicating with God through prayer is just one of them.
  • Today’s prayer

Lord, when You gave Moses the second set of tablets containing the 10 commandments You spoke to Moses about great and exciting things that You would do (Exodus 34:10). What must Moses have expected Lord? Oh Lord, as I think of Your precious gift to us of communication, of prayer, I cannot help but think of the different ways You communicate to us. Moses got to see You face to face, You communicate to me through Your word and through Your Spirit. During Christmas we read of all who have even seen angels. Lord, thank You for the myriad of ways that You communicate. Thank You for loving the shepherds so much that You sent angels to proclaim Your Son’s advent, to proclaim His birth (Luke 2:8-18). Lord, burden me, this Christmas season to share Your word, the birth of Your Son, with someone. . .with anyone. Lord, sometimes I am so busy with my own life, I do not take the time to share the reason for the season. . .Your Son’s birth, like I could. Please forgive me and give me grace, so this year, that will be different.

Merry Christmas,



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