December 16

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • The Bible tells us that Mary, Jesus’ mother, “stored up” all of these things which were unfolding around her.
    • She was. . .
      • Watching,
      • Listening,
      • Being aware of all of the good things going on.
    • But what about you and I?
    • What will we ponder, or dwell on, during this season, and as a result of this season?
  • Today’s prayer

Father, You do so many great things, and yet, what is it that I store up, or treasure, or dwell on? Isn’t it so often what I want, Father? Forgive me Lord for being so selfish. Give me the grace Lord to store up those wonderful things which You lay before me, which You want me to store up, and cause me Lord, to ponder them. And then Lord, let me pass them on to others, just as Mary has to us (Luke 2:19), through the gospel writers.

Merry Christmas,



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