December 17

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Your “comfort-zone”
    • What does that mean?
    • Especially as it relates to people that are around you
      • Older folks
      • Younger folks
      • Folks that are different from you
    • Face it, sometimes it is just scary to give time to someone you are not used to.
    • That’s why we have today’s prayer. . .
  • Today’s prayer

When Jesus was named, there were two old saints, Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-39a) that were used very intimately by You, Lord. And in our churches we have many, many older saints, Father, but my concern today is, have we marginalized some of them. Forgive us lord. And Father, we also recognize that many of our elderly do not want to be used. Forgive us for that too, Lord. We have become a church that sees talent through narrow, human, eye-balls. Forgive us Lord. Titus 2:1ff tells us how to live our age. Father, my prayer is that I would do my part, no matter my age. Lord, that I would be an active part of the body, no matter my age, that I would reach out to those older than me, and that I would reach out to those younger than me. Oh Lord, we are all a part of the body, ALL of us are Lord!!! Forgive us for marginalizing those whom we do not normally hang with.

Merry Christmas,



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