December 19

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • We hear people talk about being DEAD to sin and ALIVE to Christ.
    • But what does that mean?
    • Does it mean simply, to believe in the Lord?
      • No, even the demons do that (James 2:19).
    • It means to completely and constantly SUBMIT to Him,
    • So that He lives His life thru you
  • Today’s prayer

Lord, Luke 2:31, records Simeon saying something that is completely outside of the way we think. He says that Jesus IS our salvation, not merely PROVIDING our salvation. Lord, as we are reminded of Your Son’s advent, unto us, give us the grace to remember that He IS our life, if we are saved, meaning that we trust You to give us the grace and mercy to live, dead to self, dead to our sins, and alive to Him, Your Son, Christ (Romans 6:11) submitting our entire lives, completely to You. Forgive us Father for trying to live partially submitted to you.

Merry Christmas,



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