December 23

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • Has to do with when the Lord’s plans are not “clean and neat.”
    • We often think that if something is from God it will go smoothly right?
      • Think again!
      • Remember Job, the difficulties came at God’s insistence!
    • And so, because He’s sovereign,
      • Because the Holy Spirit does not make mistakes,
      • Because nothing is a surprise to God,
      • We can trust Him!
    • Psalm 103:19 tells us that, “His throne is above the heavens and He is sovereign over all.”
  • Today’s prayer

As I reread the account of the Magi’s visit (Matthew 2:1-12) and the flight into Egypt by Jesus’ family, including King Herod’s butchery (Matthew 2:13-18), I am reminded Lord that Your plans are not always clean and neat. We often find ourselves in a deep valley that You have brought us to. Father, thank You for Your many promises, of which Romans 8:28 is only one. It tells us that ALL THINGS work together for good, for those who are in Christ Jesus, Your son, the One who’s advent, who’s coming, we celebrate this Christmas season.

  • Follow-up to today’s prayer
    • People like to say that Job brought his issues upon himself, which doesn’t bear out in the text, (note Job chapters 1 and 2)
    • And look at suffering in the NT, Paul talked about it, Peter talked about it (1 Peter 4:13) rejoicing in and EXPECTING to suffer, with Christ.
    • We make a grave error in the West by thinking that when difficulties come our way God wants us to wriggle out of them.
      • He has allowed them!!
      • God has allowed them for a reason!!

Merry Christmas,



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