December 25

  • Background to today’s prayer
    • So today is the last day.
    • May I ask, why have you spent the time to pray this season?
    • What result do you expect?
    • Remember Psalm 5:3 and open your eyes wide to see how the Lord answers.
    • By the way, Merry Christmas
    • Below is my prayer, my expectation, for you. . .enjoy.
  • Today’s prayer

Lord this is the last day of this 25 Days of Prayer. And it is fitting  to end this with a picture of Jesus life AFTER His birth. Luke 2:40 and 52 tell us that He grew in strength, wisdom, grace, stature and favor, among both You and man. Father, my prayer is that each person praying during these 25 Days of Prayer would go from these prayers, and grow in the experience of Your presence, that comes so clearly as we spend time in close communing prayer with You Lord. Thank You Lord for this 25 Days of Prayer.


For the last 6 days of December, experience Praying in the New Year with MOVIES.

Merry Christmas,



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