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To help you navigate to and thru our YouTube channel, we have brought all of the Prayer-Basics videos to you. We will do our best to keep this page up to date. In the meantime, enjoy improving your prayer life as you watch these videos.

And of course, there are other videos on our YouTube channel that you may interest you. CLICK HERE for the entire channel.

Prayer Basics Resources

You can go to my resources page by CLICKING HERE, but I thought you might like to know of a few that I recommend to you

Below, just click on the book to see more details and perhaps add it to your cart.

Praying Paul’s Prayers

Book Cover for PMA-3

If you have heard Mark speak he has probably taken the time to pray Scripture back to the Lord. He would have used these prayers from Paul.

In this book are twenty-five, all with the verse/s on a prayer card, below it a prayer written by Mark, and then below that, ways to personalize the verse/s.

The Pray-ers, Book 1 Troubles

In this first book, of the series, Mark weaves three prayer-heroes lives together by their praying. You will learn prayer through the fun of a novel merely by watching these men and women model prayer.

A Threefold Cord

A Threefold Cord Cover

In this daily devotional, written in the 1830’s you will be challenged by many of the day’s passages.

Each day includes a Precept, a Promise, and a Prayer. With over a thousand verses used, you will be encouraged as you see the verses that are placed together.


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